Andrew Wiggins Loves Ping Pong, Hates Poutine, And Could Care Less About Playing Jordan One-On-One


For a guy not known for showing much emotion on the court, Andrew Wiggins can’t stop smiling now that he’s off it. Because on his night off and on this floor of the Complex offices, he’s got a paddle in his hand, Drake’s blaring from the speakers, and he’s working his opponent across the table.Andrew Wiggins- Complex article, Dec 2016

The Timberwolves forward low-key loves ping pong and it turns out he’s pretty good at it. In New York a day early to play the Knicks, Wiggins could be doing whatever he wants. Instead, the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft chose to get in a few games. Wiggins might serve illegally (claims his overmatched opponent, First We Feast editor Justin Bolois) but the baller’s smiling as he smashes winners like it’s nothing.

And that’s when you notice it; the ear-to-ear grin that makes him look like a 12-year-old kid rather than a 21-year-old burgeoning NBA superstar. It’s the Wiggins NBA fans rarely get to see—affable and animated. An hour later when’s he’s done, Wiggins says he’s headed back to his hotel and not out to enjoy the city’s nightlife. He’s got video games to play, he says, flashing that coy, toothy smile. Plus he already had dinner—his favorite, Chipotle.

But before peacing out, the kid sits down for an interview. He plugs in his music, cues up something one of his boys from the UK put him on to that sounds like Skepta but isn’t, and answers questions about the first time he dominated on a basketball court, his native Canada, Degrassi, and the (so far) dunk of the year.

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