Stanley Johnson’s versatility shines

If this was the first test from the National Basketball Association, Stanley Johnson aced it.

The 19-year-old forward played the most minutes, was matched up with one of the best players, and still came out of it with a team-high 26 points in his debut for the Detroit Pistons, a 115-112 preseason loss Tuesday to the Indiana Pacers.

Asked afterward, he said he lost the game for the Pistons.

“I think there were three plays that really stood out, that I think lost the game for us,” Johnson said. “My two turnovers at the top of the front court and then I got beat (on a layup) with two, three seconds left on the shot clock.”

The eighth overall pick in this year’s draft entered the game with 3:25 to go in the first quarter and turned in a mixed bag early. He knocked down a 3-point basket almost immediately, then followed up with a pair of turnovers early in the second quarter.

Johnson followed up with a pair of baskets in transition, one a dunk and another a layup on a cross-court pass from Marcus Morris.

“This is the NBA, and it is what people say it is, but people hype it up to be so crazy when it’s not really that crazy,” Johnson said. “I think the first time I got in, I blew two shots I think just because I was over excited to be in the game. I should have just took my time and made the shots.”

“Playing against a superstar in Paul George, obviously that’s always positive,” Johnson said. “I think just playing, just being able to play on the court. I think knowledge is power and your best teaching experience. The more teaching experience I get, the faster I can learn and the faster I can be great.”


By: Aaron McMann, MLive

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